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How to get rid of flies in your home

houseflies - how to get rid of them!

Featured image: House flies (housefly or Musca domestica) are a real nuisance, they come in through open doors and windows so short of keeping your house entirely sealed up for the summer, they can be something that you might just have to learn to live with. The problem is that house flies harbor and transmit […]

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How to get rid of fruit flies

Featured image source Fruit flies are the bane of the kitchen chef, attracted to fruit and vegetables, they are almost impossible to get rid of if you shoo them away, they just keep coming back.  The trouble is that fruit and vegetables are a constant source of attraction and as they are here to stay, […]

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How to get rid of moths in the home

how to get rid of moths like these

Featured image: There are several different types of moth which live in the domestic environment and, as many moths are attracted to light, it is quite easy for them to gain access through open doors and windows particularly in the summer months. Once inside the house, moths can divert their attention to different food […]

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How to get rid of drain (sewer) flies

drain fly

Featured image: Wikipedia What are drain flies? Drain flies (Psychodomorpha) are not the only flies that can infest drains so it is important to be able to identify which type of fly you have as the treatment to eliminate them may vary. What do drain flies look like? Image source: Drain flies are quite […]

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How to get rid of carpet beetles

carpet beetle

Featured image:   Carpet beetles are incredibly persistent and if you do have them in your home, then one quick spray round of an insecticide is unlikely to get rid of them. Understanding their lifecycle will help you treat them because it is likely that you will need to treat the infested area repeatedly […]

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How to get relief from Hayfever and Summer Allergies

grass hayfever is the most common

Everyone welcomes the long, warm sunny days but if you suffer from hay fever or seasonal allergies then there is always a note of hesitancy at this time of year. Runny nose, streaming and itchy eyes can herald the spring and summer for many people who suffer from seasonal allergies and this can make what […]