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Natural anti-inflammatory foods and supplements (Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives)


The recent panic buying in shops extended beyond toilet paper to over the counter medicines like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.  For a while the shelves were bare and this set some people to thinking whether there were other alternatives to these everyday medicines. For people and animals living with chronic long-term health conditions like arthritis, supportive […]

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Aromatherapy Gardens: Aromatic plants you can grow in the garden

natural garden

One of the only plus points about the world lockdown is that it has come in the spring when there is a chance to get outside into the garden rather than the gloomy, dark days of winter.  This would make it so much harder. Many people are using the extra time on their hands to […]

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How to help people with Dementia using Essential Oils

elderly hands

Dementia, sadly, is incurable and whilst researchers and scientists continue to look for the genetic key to unlock this most cruel of conditions, the current focus is on alleviating symptoms of the disease and managing quality of life for those with this diagnosis. How can essential oils alleviate the symptoms of dementia? Dementia affects many […]

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How to make your own deodorant with Essential Oils

how to: homemade deodorant

Image source:   Some people are inspired to ditch commercial underarm deodorants because they start to have skin reactions but others look for alternatives because of worry and concern over the toxic ingredients they contain. Branded proprietary underarm deodorants often include aluminium compounds and parabens.  Aluminium actually blocks your pores and stops you sweating […]

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Essential oils for sinus pain and infection

make a chest rub to help with sinus pains

You have to have experienced blocked or infected sinuses to truly understand the pain and misery of Sinusitis which can have numerous causes and will affect many people in the course of their lives.  Some just seem to be more prone to sinus issues and infections than others.  Anything that impacts on your face is […]

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How to make your own natural laundry liquid

how to make your own natural laundry liquid

The list of nasties in commercial laundry products is eye-watering, literally.  Carcinogens, petrochemicals, optical brighteners are just some of the known offenders with other listed generic ingredients like ‘fragrance’ which can cover up a multitude of sins. But do you realise how simple it is to make your own laundry liquids and powders? Take a […]

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Essential oils for tooth pain, toothaches and painful gums

a dentists

Toothache always seems to occur at a time when it can be hard to see a dentist. Waking in the night with painful gums due to infection or an erupting tooth is one of the most miserable things.  However, it is easier than you think to self-help and find relief from items you will have […]

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Home remedies for Mosquito bites, bee stings and other insect bites

Mosquito bites are a hazard of the warmer weather and you don’t even need to go outside to get bitten.  Even with domestic precautions, it is impossible to completely rid your home, garden or yard of mosquitoes and other biting insects, all you can do is hope to lessen the number of times you are […]

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Fun things to do with kids in the garden when you’re in lockdown

rope swing in the garden

Fortunately, the lockdown for the Coronavirus has coincided with spring rather than winter so at least the days are getting longer and brighter and the weather is warming up.  This makes it so much easier to spend time out of doors with your kids. Fresh air and exercise make everyone feel better and it will […]