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Peppermint spray: how to make your own

Featured image: MSU   Many people underestimate just how strong essential oils are; it’s because they are natural and untainted and so they carry a connotation of gentleness and mildness.  In fact, essential oils can be very strong in their undiluted form and so blending them in a base or a carrier oil like sweet […]

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Essential oils and blends for sleep

sleeping soundly

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t experienced poor sleep or broken nights and it is the most miserable of experiences.  Waking frequently throughout the night or not being able to get off to sleep at all will leave you feeling wrung out and shattered the following day.  If sleeplessness carries on over a period of days […]

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Essential oil combinations for deep muscle relief massage

Is there anyone who doesn’t suffer from sore muscles?  It could be related to a sporting injury or just the daily strain of everyday life – poor posture at a computer all day or jobs which involve lots of standing and lifting. Deep muscle relief massage can provide some real physical respite to tired, sore […]

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Try these Essential oils for anxiety and stress relief

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We have never been more aware as human beings of the impact stress can have on our health. And yet, stress is everywhere, like an epidemic. Anxiety is our body’s way of responding to a physical, emotional or intellectual challenge and can affect us all at various stages in life. There are so many reasons […]