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How to treat sunburn


Featured image: Harvard Health   The dangers of unlimited and unprotected exposure to the sun couldn’t be more well-known but it is easy to get caught out on a day when there is less direct sunlight and perhaps just glare combined with a strong breeze. Even when the sun isn’t shining, up to 80% of […]

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Essential oils and blends for sleep

sleeping soundly

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t experienced poor sleep or broken nights and it is the most miserable of experiences.  Waking frequently throughout the night or not being able to get off to sleep at all will leave you feeling wrung out and shattered the following day.  If sleeplessness carries on over a period of days […]

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Home remedies for dandruff

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Dandruff, those telltale white flakes, are the sign of an itchy scalp the net result of which are mini snowstorms of dead skin littering your shoulders.  Unsightly and embarrassing, it’s not the most serious thing ever but dandruff can be stubbornly persistent and very difficult to treat effectively. What causes dandruff? Human skin is in […]

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Home remedies and essential oils for hemorrhoids

There are so many different causes of hemorrhoids, it’s hard to imagine anyone is walking around who has not suffered from them. Hemorrhoids can be caused by something as simple as chronic diarrhea or struggling whilst lifting something heavy. They are the most unfortunate companion to pregnancy as most women know and also go hand […]