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How to get rid of fruit flies

Featured image source Fruit flies are the bane of the kitchen chef, attracted to fruit and vegetables, they are almost impossible to get rid of if you shoo them away, they just keep coming back.  The trouble is that fruit and vegetables are a constant source of attraction and as they are here to stay, […]

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How to Get Rid of Ticks

what does a tick look like?

Featured image source: Ticks are not passengers you want to encourage, either on your skin or on your pets. Ticks can share some nasty diseases although most tick bites are harmless. The trouble is you don’t know the status of the tick that has just latched onto you. Ticks can cause Lyme disease plus a couple […]

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How to get rid of moths in the home

how to get rid of moths like these

Featured image: There are several different types of moth which live in the domestic environment and, as many moths are attracted to light, it is quite easy for them to gain access through open doors and windows particularly in the summer months. Once inside the house, moths can divert their attention to different food […]

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How to get rid of drain (sewer) flies

drain fly

Featured image: Wikipedia What are drain flies? Drain flies (Psychodomorpha) are not the only flies that can infest drains so it is important to be able to identify which type of fly you have as the treatment to eliminate them may vary. What do drain flies look like? Image source: Drain flies are quite […]

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How to get rid of carpet beetles

carpet beetle

Featured image:   Carpet beetles are incredibly persistent and if you do have them in your home, then one quick spray round of an insecticide is unlikely to get rid of them. Understanding their lifecycle will help you treat them because it is likely that you will need to treat the infested area repeatedly […]

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How to deal with horse fly bites

Featured image source: Horse fly bites are an almost inevitable consequence of being around horses during the warmer months. The problem with managing them is that almost always, you will have your hands full either riding or handling the horse on the ground and are just never quite in the right place to brush […]

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Bed Bug Mattress Covers – Which are the best?


Feature image:   Waking up with unexplained bites on your body is something that no one wants to deal with. But for many people across the globe, it’s something that happens all too often. If this sounds familiar, then there’s a strong chance that you could have bed bugs on your mattress. But to […]

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Bug sprays – which are the best?

Whether you love to travel or simply love spending time in the great outdoors, you’ll likely come across mosquitos, ticks, flies, gnats, or one of many other nasty critters while going about your activities. For some people, that might not seem like such a big deal. However, as these bugs are known to carry Malaria, […]