Fun things to do with kids in the garden when you’re in lockdown

Fortunately, the lockdown for the Coronavirus has coincided with spring rather than winter so at least the days are getting longer and brighter and the weather is warming up.  This makes it so much easier to spend time out of doors with your kids.

Fresh air and exercise make everyone feel better and it will allow your children to let off steam after hours cooped up inside.  There are lots of fun and educational activities you can do with your kids in the garden which don’t take much preparation or cost a great deal, we share some of the best ideas with you here.

Most of these just involve some imagination and things you will already have to hand around the house.

a kids garden sign

Fun things to do with kids in the garden when you’re in lockdown

  • Create an outdoor treasure hunt, children of all ages love this, you can make the clues cryptic or straightforward and just use everyday items found around the garden as your signposting. If you are very clever, you can even put the clues into verse
  • Introduce small children to the joys of archaeology – break up a couple of old plates and bury them and then let the children find the pieces and dig them up. Children absolutely adore the element of discovery surrounding buried treasure
  • Create a miniature garden within a garden using earth, stones and pebbles to imagine a tiny landscape. This can be for dolls, fairies, dinosaurs or even for trains.  Make hills and mounds and little houses using bits and pieces from the house – it is so creative and something the children will go back to again and again
  • Painting stones, this one never seems to diminish in popularity. The painting can be an indoor or an outdoor task.  Use the stones to add to your miniature garden or to create a magic pathway to a den or special place where you read stories
  • Take the toys outside, dolls and teddies, for the original teddy bear’s picnic. Let the children dream up the menu (don’t worry, you won’t have to eat it!). Sit them all on a rug and serve tea, a winner for creativity and imagination and something children will love to do again and again
  • Have your sports day as school is canceled – the teddies and dolls will make a great audience and you can devise the races including some fun ones the teachers would never allow
  • Make a time capsule and bury it in the garden. Anything goes, toys, letters, paintings and newspaper stories
  • Create a nature corner where you can collect and study different plants and other items gathered from around the garden. This can be incorporated into some of the homeschooling sessions that are likely to be going on and can be interwoven into art lessons, geography, cookery even history
  • Teach your children how to plant something. Pot planting is great fun and kids can learn about the wonder of the cycle of growth and being responsible for nurturing something living.  Decorating the flower pots first is another winning activity and you don’t need much room for this one
  • Plant a little herb garden, suitable for even the smallest of spaces. This introduces children to the concept of flavors and even medicinal plants.  The expectation of waiting for something to grow is a daily reveal that they just won’t tire of.  If you have more room, why not go for some simple seasonal vegetables
  • Have a daily story time outside in the garden
  • Bird spotting is an excellent way to improve your child’s awareness of nature and the wider environmental picture. Encourage birds and other wildlife to your garden with bird feeders and use plants to attract different species of insects
  • Allocate your children their own little plot and see what they do with it. They can use the space for imaginative creations like garden art or plant something totally of their own choosing
  • If you have the right tree then build a treehouse, if not, make a den on the ground like a cave that the children can furnish. This can be so simply done with a piece of plastic as a roof in one corner of the garden.  It creates a lovely retreat where you can sit and have storytime or even picnics

Whether your garden is the size of a mail stamp or very spacious, there is always something you can do to get your kids outside in the fresh air.

miniature garden idea

Miniature garden ideas for kids: Image source

Let them get muddy and dirty, this is a time for creative free play and fun activities.  Lots of these suggestions are educational or can be slanted toward other learning tasks.  If you are homeschooling then why not take your lessons outdoors or incorporate the garden into the content of what the children are studying?

Life always seems just that little bit better when you are all outside in the fresh air.

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