Advantus Soft Chew Flea Treatment for Dogs


Advantus flea chews for dogs kill fleas fast. They start killing fleas within 1 hour.


Kill fleas within an hour! Let Advantus Soft Chew Flea Treatment do the work for you. This chewable flea treatment is for dogs and puppies age 10 weeks and older. It is proven to kill fleas within one hour with just a single dose, achieving 96% effectiveness against adult fleas within 4 hours. It is indeed a fast-acting dog flea treatment for flea infestations.

Advantus Soft Chew Flea Treatment for Dogs is FDA approved and contains 30 savory soft chews. It is an oral flea control medication that is available without a prescription. Hence, you can use it for quick relief. Simply keep it on hand, especially in preparation for the next flea season. It is safe to dose daily as needed and can also be a helpful tool for in-clinic treatment for dogs that require immediate flea knockdown.

These soft chews do not contain any animal proteins and are suitable for dogs with animal protein food allergies. It also works along with vaccines, heartworm preventatives, de-wormers, antibiotics, steroids, and shampoos.


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“Worked great with no adverse reactions. These were used successfully to rid our pets of fleas after they went “spelunking” under our storage building, which apparently home to some wilder creatures. They are both flea free now! We used this product and followed up with flea collars and indoor repellers.” – Brandon


“Absolutely. It really works on my German Shepherd, who is allergic to fleas.” – Carolina

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