Basil Essential Oil -15ml


Basil essential oil has a spicy, herbal aroma. Use in your diffuser to help stimulate the mind.

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The refreshing and relaxing scent of Basil is something that many of us have come to admire. As a member of the mint family, Basil is believed to have originated from India and areas of China, and it has a rich history throughout the world. It is also considered as one of the oldest and most versatile herbs still in use today.

How to use Basil Essential Oil:

  • Diffuse to energize the body and stimulate mental clarity for enhanced alertness
  • Diffuse or add to an aromatherapy inhaler and breathe in deeply to experience the effects of a calmer mind and clear mental focus
  • Include in your diffuser blend to soothe your nerves and create a more peaceful state of mind
  • Use in essential oil blends to deter insects and pests
  • Add to DIY soaps and household products for an added burst of freshness and cleanliness
  • Combine with Eucalyptus to inspire deeper breathing during the cold and flu season
  • Combine with other essential oils to make a mosquito repellent.

With a strong herbal aroma, Basil Essential Oil presents a middle-top fragrance note that features a spicy, sharp, and almost licorice-like scent. Basil Essential Oil blends amazingly with Black Pepper, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Root, Lavender, and Orange.

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