Dr. Woods Pure Tea Tree Liquid Castile Soap (4 pack)


Pack of 4 – Organic and natural face, hair, and all-body wash, including as a body deodorant.

Eases itchy bug bites, helps to fights acne, athletes foot, foot odor, and great as a sore muscle soak.



Dr. Woods is, first, last and always, a story of family and enduring relationships. It is committed to creating products that truly are “All Things Good” and only the best for your skin.

Made for the entire family, Dr. Woods Pure Tea Tree Liquid Castile Soap is great for all skin types. The ingredients are gentle and beautifully balanced for face, body, and hair. This liquid soap is gluten-free and contains tea tree oil, which has natural antibacterial properties proven effective in fighting acne and enhancing your skin’s health and vibrancy.

Dr. Woods Pure Tea Tree Liquid Castile Soap is specially made with vitamin E, hemp oil and botanical extracts to create a therapeutic skin conditioner that leaves you incredibly smooth and hydrated. It is undeniably skin nourishing.

To maximize the usage and benefits of Dr. Woods Pure Tea Tree Liquid Castile Soap:

  • Use this rich lathering liquid soap to gently cleanse your entire body, face, and even your hair
  • Use as a daily body wash. Apply a generous amount onto wet hands, washcloth or loofah, lather, and massage entire body, rinse, and experience a clean, refreshing tingly feel.
  • Use as a daily bath. Squeeze a capful or two in running water to create a soothing, aromatherapeutic soak.
  • Ideal for camping

Dr. Woods Pure Tea Tree Liquid Castile Soap is available in two sizes (16 oz & 32 oz), hence you can pick what is best for you and your family.

what our customers say

“I have dry eczema-prone skin, especially on my hands in between my fingers. I used to use fragrance-free dove bar soap but it just wasn’t doing enough after hard workouts or whenever I was particularly smelly. I found this after trying a handful of other products and I’m on my 5th bottle well over a year later with zero breakouts. I love this stuff!” – Aaron

“Been using Dr. Woods for several years. Great lather, and healing ability.” – M

“Been using this for years, nothing I’ve ever used in 27 years comes close to this stuff. I find it helps me sleep better and eases tension. I go through it quickly because I soak in the stuff. Mixed with Diva Glam Wash laundry detergent everything in my home including me smells like a million dollars.” – Chelsea

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