Grandpa Gus’s All-Natural Tick Repellent


Prevents wood, deer, lawn and other ticks from latching and biting by inhibiting the ticks’ sensory organs. Guard against ticks-carrying diseases.


For proven effectiveness, all Grandpa Gus’s products are blended and tested in American labs. Grandpa Gus’s products are also covered by Gus’s old-time handshake guarantee.

Grandpa Gus’s All-Natural Tick Repellent contains all-natural formula that prevents ticks from latching and biting by inhibiting ticks’ sensory organs and effectively guards against ticks-carrying diseases. This tick repellent is safe and pleasant to use on children and pets. It doesn’t burn nor irritate the skin, even on dogs. It smells like citrus and lasts for hours. Have this repellent handy and enjoy exercise, hiking, camping, hunting, working in the backyard, and any special activity with your kids and pets.

To use Grandpa Gus’s All-Natural Tick Repellent, shake well, spray on exposed skin from a distance of 8-12 inches, and let dry. Do not rub in to skin. Re-apply as needed or if washed off. For dogs and pets, spray on fur and rub in. Spray again on top of fur and let dry.


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“We don’t go anywhere without putting this on, we have two little puppies and ever since we have been using this – we have not picked ANY ticks from them. Before, we were seeing ticks every time we went out with them. We live in Connecticut in the woods. I will never run out of this!!!” – Satisfied Customer


“We live in the woods, and our pup was constantly bringing ticks inside after his romps. Started spraying this on him (and I) before his walks and the tick problem went away, thank goodness! Great product for kids as well, no ticks when we remember to spray this on! Just be careful around your pet’s faces – it makes our pup sneeze if we spray too close to that big nose of his!” – Patrick

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