Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap with Lanolin – 4.4 oz (Pack of 2)


Acne problems? We got you. Introducing GRISI Sulfur soap with Lanolin for Acne treatment 4.4 oz. – effective for acne treatment.



Acne problems? We got you. Introducing GRISI Sulfur Soap with Lanolin that is effective for acne treatment. When used regularly, it takes 1-8 weeks for an improvement to occur in the skin, depending on the severity of each case. This sulfur soap has antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the soap work to remove built-up oils and dirt.

GRISI Sulfur Soap with Lanolin specializes in the fight against acne and the overall treatment towards long-lasting acne prevention. This top-quality acne soap has the ability to effectively unclog pores, balance oil production, and remove the harmful bacteria deep in the skin.

This acne soap is also formulated with 10% sulfur for a very effective but gentler acne treatment effect on your skin. GRISI Sulfur Soap also contains Lanolin, which is a great tool to help visibly improve any damaged skin from scars caused by acne. Lanolin has long been used in the skincare industry as an effective emollient, commonly used in body creams and lotions to lock in much-needed moisture.

Fighting acne can be difficult but GRISI Sulfur Soap with Lanolin provides you with that maximum strength acne protection to make this process much easier, calmer, and efficient.


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“This stuff took care of the ‘deep’ cystic acne and dried up the papules, leaving the skin smoother and clearer than before.” – Happy Customer


“This soap is absolutely awesome. I’m a 49-year-old man and have been battling moderate acne on my face, chest and back for years. This soap neutralizes the excess oils in the skin, but it doesn’t leave me any dryer than regular soap.” – Richard

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