GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffuser- 90ml


One of Baxter’s Naturals recommended diffusers for 2020 (read more)


Had a long, stressful day and just want to sit back and relax? With the GuruNanda diffuser, you can do exactly that with ease. Its whisper-quiet, ultrasonic operation ensures that you can use the device at all times of day – whether its in the home, spa, or yoga studio. Plus, its compact and lightweight design means you can easily move it around and place it in your desired location.


You can also choose from a selection of colors and light modes, too – meaning it’s easy to adjust the diffuser to suit your lifestyle. 3 working modes are also available, with a working time of up to 7 hours depending on your chosen setting. Best of all, you can leave it running at nighttime and it will automatically switch off for peace of mind.

Model: The Honeycomb
Input: AC 100V-240V
Output: DC 24V
Water Capacity: 90ml


  1. Remove the top cover.
  2. Add about 90ml of water in the water tank.
  3. Add desired drops of essential oil into the water tank.
  4. Replace the cover.
  5. Insert the adapter plug into household power socket.
  6. Press power button to turn on the diffuser
  7. Enjoy the sweet scent and fresh vapors from your diffuser!

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