Mouse Oust: Peppermint Oil Spray for Mice

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Our eco friendly peppermint oil for mice spray repellent formula is made from fully natural ingredients and is a proven, highly effective natural mouse and rodent deterrent. Contains concentrated peppermint oil, giving it a strong distinctive but refreshing scent.

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Rid your home and yard of those pesky critters the natural way with Mouse Oust from Baxter’s Naturals.  Fill your home with the fragrant scent of Baxter’s peppermint spray for mice – they hate it but you’ll love it!  It won’t feel like vermin control at all, just a minty freshness around the home with the added bonus that you don’t have to injure or kill any living creature.

It’s a proven fact that mice detest the smell of mint.  Plus, mice are territorial and follow the same trails back and forth and peppermint oil rodent spray makes it much harder for them to do this. The big plus is that it is humane and you don’t have to worry about leaving poison down in your house or yard which can be dangerous to pets and even family members.

Unlike other rodent control products, you won’t mind using this one in your home.  Peppermint oil mice spray can reach into those tiny nooks and crannies leaving your home infused with a pleasant minty fragrance.  Baxter’s natural peppermint spray is just that, 100% natural, so you can relax in the knowledge that you are not harming any other living creatures or the planet.

  • An 8oz mix of peppermint and spearmint oils with a pleasing fragrance
  • 100% humane vermin control – no poisons or traps, just encouragement to leave your home or yard
  • Totally natural, no additional chemicals
  • Completely safe for your pets and family
  • Supplied in a concentrated 8oz formula
  • Deters mice naturally, with no toxic or harmful chemicals
  • Our customers have also used our product to deter rats, ants, moths, squirrels, spiders, chipmunks, centipedes, and roaches!

VERSATILE USAGE: use Baxter’s peppermint oil for mice with confidence in your home.  You can mist it inside cupboards and drawers confident you will not damage or harm the contents.  It is also suitable for exterior use, in storage areas and around the chicken coup, quite safe for the chooks.  You can even spray it on your engine cabling to stop the little blighters nesting in the warm spaces

HUMANE DETERRENT: forget toxic pellets which either injure or kill slowly and inhumanely, Baxter’s peppermint mouse deterrent spray will deter mice in a non-toxic, organic way without harming them or passing on dangerous chemicals to other animals, pets or wild creatures in the outdoors environment. Our customers have also used our product to deter ants, moths, rats, squirrels, spiders, centipedes, and even cockroaches!

SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: relax confident in the knowledge that anyone coming into contact with the spray will not harm their skin or their breathing – this includes your family and pets.  The spray is made up of 100% natural ingredients that are safe for you and the planet.  Use liberally throughout your home on wood, fabrics and metal

HOW TO USE: just spray every few days where you find evidence of mice droppings or where you can hear them.  Repeat the process until there is no visible or audible sign

INGREDIENTS: Just peppermint and spearmint oils, 5% and 3% respectively, combined with distilled water with a natural dispersant derived from vegetable origins which help the oils to dissolve and disperse completely in the water

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Baxter’s famous no quibble money back refund when you return the product within 30 days if you are not totally satisfied.

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Baxter's Naturals

17 reviews for Mouse Oust: Peppermint Oil Spray for Mice

  1. A Provin

    WORKS GREAT!!!!!! This was s purchase for my son’s backyard….. his neighbor has a mouse problem so I bought this & gave it to him…..He LOVES IT!!! He said it works really well!!! It was as great buy.

  2. Gerald

    It sure smells good and so far, no new mice.

  3. Norine Cohn

    I smell is very strong to me but know one else is complaining. It works fast. My house was invested. I was in rehab for several weeks and to go back. NO one did any anything around the house. Not a dish was wash or pot. They order in and left every thing. I brought everything. Did the woodwork and are around the corners. We are going to stream the carpets. It just touch the roach and most died instantly. Some must of gone to nest we round them dead where we didn’t spray. I have dog and 3 cats they just watched. That is how close they were.

  4. Noam Stopak

    Amazing! I had ants everywhere despite cleaning everything. They were in my bed, all over my desk and I was freaked out! I have a beautiful cat who kills pretty much any bugs except for ants and so I was worried because I wanted to get rid of them without hurting my sweet girl. I sprayed this everywhere and the ants are completely gone, my house smells like delicious peppermint and my cat is just fine and sleeping peacefully without having to worry about dangerous chemicals or ants. Highly recommended!

  5. Joanne G

    I received the natural oust repellent oil in a timely manner. I like the smell of peppermint so I love the scent. I have sprayed around but I really can’t give an honest review if it works for mice in my shed. Haven’t seen any yet but this is the time of year in upstate NY when they are looking for a winter home. In a few weeks I should know. I did spray a spider web outside, the little spider did scurry away. I’m really hoping that this works for squirrels tho. My daughter has them in her attic. Here’s hoping.

  6. Carole

    Seems to work – Had problems with centipedes in the basement, no matter what I used there were so many crawling around. It took a couple of times of spraying areas where they seemed to be crawling around from, haven’t seen any in quite some time, hopefully, I won’t now that summer is upon us.

  7. Michael

    So far so good. I used it liberally on my deck/ dock by the water. Thus far it has decreased the number of spider webs.

  8. Anthony DiStefano

    I have the product 5 stars on value for money even though I believe it is high priced; however, value of peace of mind that environmentally friendly and their service is top notch. It definitely kills bugs and insects. I do not know about rodents in particular. I have done a couple applications in the area of concern because these ant like bugs have been really a thorn in my side and I do not think it initially had solved the problem. In saying that, I have noticed that it has not been a concern over the last few days so I am assuming it has worked now.

    Outside, I have a kitchen table and one of my friends left crumbs of food on table and we live in Florida. Needless to say, there were these creatures all over it and I sprayed right on the table. They all died from what I can see.

  9. Patrick W.

    This stuff really works. I’m in south Florida and during the rainy season have lots of small ants in the house. Wherever I use this, they disappear. It is non-toxic and smells nice. A smart buy.

  10. Dlea

    Purchased for ants and it worked like a charm. It was very important to have a pet safe spray and I was very by satisfied. Great product

  11. Debbie A.

    Use this spray with pellets. I just recently purchased my first home in Scranton PA. There are a lot of wooded areas. I found some wandering cats and a few mice outside the backyard and three mice in my basement. The spray has helped along with mice pellets I also purchased. Found all three mice dead and haven’t had any cats trying to get into my garbage cans since using both. I did put a small sign on my porch letting neighbors know to keep dogs on a leash and away from the base of my home(no gate) so their dogs won’t try to eat pellets. Also to warn anyone with outdoor/indoor cats.

  12. Robert Barnes

    We were having a problem with moths laying eggs on our patio curtains so we looked for a non staining way to discourage the moths. This product does the job! The moths have not been bothering to lay eggs and there is no hint of staining on our curtains. About two weeks after using this product we noticed some rat droppings on our wall where they had been eating. We sprayed this oil on the wall and they have moved on! good stuff!!

  13. Bookwormwood

    It Worked When I Needed It – My problem is with ants, spiders, salamanders and chipmunks. I clean the front porch every other day. This time, I used this peppermint oil spray around the windows, doors, porch base, handrails and railings after cleaning. Yes, I spray lightly everyday. And so far, I have not had to do the extensive cleaning like before, no spider webs on the stairs and railings!!!! No ants or salamanders trying to get in the door. No chipmunks digging under my porch!!!! Plus it is a very refreshing smell when you step out the door. Visitors use the handrail so I don’t want chemicals there. I have found this spray to work when I need it! For those with mice, well, I don’t have that problem and, now, I don’t expect them. The chipmunk was cute, but destructive!

  14. Martha L Morin

    I have spent a lot of money on exterminators to keep the ants, spiders and bugs from entering my house. It does work, but they use chemicals. I have also placed ant cups throughout the house and they didn’t seem to work. A friend told me about using this Natural Oust Peppermint Oil Spray so I decided to try it. I sprayed it outside around the entire foundation of the house, just below the siding. Also around all of the basement window casings outside and in between the outside storm doors and inside doors leading into the house. Within 4 to 5 days there was a very significant drop of ants inside the house and after a week they’re gone! The spraying was done 2 weeks ago and I am thrilled with the results! I would highly recommend this product.

  15. Luce

    I use this product as it is safe, no odor or at least not one that is offensive and it does the job.

  16. Jennine

    I had red ants in my apartment and now, I see none! The smell is very strong so keep your windows wide open to let it air out. Overall, very effective.. it works!

  17. Mike

    I purchased this product because it is labeled Natural and Pet friendly. Because I don’t like to use chemicals sprayed in our kitchen I selected to try the Peppermint spray. I sprayed it behind the refrigerator, dishwasher and cupboard baseboards and since doing so I haven’t seen any Roaches coming out. I also used this spray on the undercarriage of my travel trailer in a storage facility to discourage mice and squirrels. The smell is strong but not in a chemical way.

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