Puracy Dish Soap, Green Tea and Lime (Sulfate-Free) Natural Liquid Detergent


“The Best Dish Soap You Can Buy” – Business Insider


The best dish soap you can buy is finally here! With its superior cleaning power, Puracy Natural Dish Soap in Green Tea & Lime is the one for you. This liquid dish soap is developed by doctors to be gentle on the skin yet uniquely effective on dishware. It contains premium ingredients that are sourced from plants, minerals, water, and a hint of green tea and lime.

This ultra-concentrated gel soap requires just a teaspoon to do a sink full of dishes. This dish liquid is tough enough for pots and pans, gentle enough for raw wood cutting boards, and pure enough to wash your hands with. Puracy Natural Dish Soap is definitely a high foam, fast-rinsing, family safe alternative to the dishwashing soaps made with petroleum-based chemicals.

How to use:

  • Apply a small amount of soap to a wet sponge, brush, or directly on the dirty surface
  • Massage the surface, creating a rich lather
  • Whisk away grime
  • Rinse with fresh water

For stubborn tasks, first soak the surface in a solution equivalent to one ounce of soap per 3 (three) gallons of water.


Reviews: what our customers say

“I’m so glad I took the chance! I have been using Puracy dish soap for a little over a year now as of this review. I absolutely love the smell while doing dishes and am extremely pleased how well this stuff cleans. Gentle, cleans well and smells great too!” – JSV

“Finally a natural product that replaces its chemical counterpart! I purchased the whole set of Puracy items to make a clean sweep (no pun intended) of the chemical products in my home. I wanted to find something that was truly natural that really works as it says it does so I could finally get rid of the chemicals once and for all!” – Flora

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