VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser


One of Baxter’s Naturals recommended diffusers for 2020 (read more)


This essential oil diffuser from VicTsing is a great choice for those on a budget, with its range of excellent features creating a relaxing and calming environment. Featuring four different timer settings, you can quickly and easily set the device for the required amount of time. Its 300ml water tank capacity ensures excellent performance for up to 10 hours, with the device shutting off automatically for maximum safety.

Its modern wood grain design means that it is perfect for placing within your living room, office, or bedroom. Plus, there’s a choice of three different colors for you to choose from, meaning you can choose an option that best suits your particular décor.

How to use the VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser:

  1. Stand the diffuser on its base in a horizontal position
  2. Remove the cap and fill the water tank with purified water.
  3. Add 10 drops of your preferred aromatherapy / essential oils into the water tank.
  4. Connect the humidifier to power source and press the “MIST” button to choose your desired mode.
  5. You can change the color of LED light by pressing the “change” button.
  6. The unit will automatically power down and make a beep sound when the water has run out.


Product Dimensions:6.6* 6.6*5.7in
Product Net Weight:14.4oz
Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: 2.4MHZ
Working time: up to 10 hours
Input power: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Support Lack Water Protection
Support Freeze/Fix Light Color
Humidification Area: 65-82 sq.ft.

Color: Cream Yellow

Package Includes:

1x VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual


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