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Aromatherapy Gardens: Aromatic plants you can grow in the garden

natural garden

One of the only plus points about the world lockdown is that it has come in the spring when there is a chance to get outside into the garden rather than the gloomy, dark days of winter.  This would make it so much harder. Many people are using the extra time on their hands to […]

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Fun things to do with kids in the garden when you’re in lockdown

rope swing in the garden

Fortunately, the lockdown for the Coronavirus has coincided with spring rather than winter so at least the days are getting longer and brighter and the weather is warming up.  This makes it so much easier to spend time out of doors with your kids. Fresh air and exercise make everyone feel better and it will […]

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Encouraging The Right Insects in Your Garden – Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects


Insects can get a bit of a bad press. Creepy crawlies are not for everyone but most insects are essential to sustainable biodiversity and usually have a very important role to perform. How can insects be beneficial to the gardener? Some insects such as honey bees and bumblebees are pollinators of flowers and other garden occupants […]